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Heart, Circle or Square Shaped Studs

Heart, Circle or Square Shaped Studs

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Heart, circle, or square shaped studs are versatile and timeless earrings that add a touch of elegance to any ensemble.

These classic studs are available in three different shapes, allowing you to choose the one that best reflects your personal style.

The heart shape brings a romantic and whimsical vibe, while the circle offers a sleek and minimalist look. The square shape exudes a modern and sophisticated appeal.

Crafted with attention to detail, these studs are perfect for everyday wear or for adding a subtle yet stylish accent to a special occasion. Choose your favourite shape and let these studs become your go-to accessory for effortless charm.

Available as a set of 3 or a single pair.

Because all these earrings are handmade, no pair will be identical.
Colours may be slightly different from photos, due to lighting.


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